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Terms & Conditions

By visiting our website, you agree to all our terms and conditions. CBB has the right to change, replace or add part of our privacy policy anytime if required. We do not sell or leak any personal information to third parties.

Please read carefully all the rules before using our services or websites. If you do not agree with them, you may not able to proceed with our services. We recommend frequently visit this page to stay updated with our current rules and regulation to proceed with work.


All the content, graphics, icons, images, illustrations, maps, data, software, and other components are property of CBB. This is our website content that no third party can republish, modify, store, copy or distribute our data. This is strictly prohibited without our permission.

By using our website, you go through all the content and data and agree to this. You are obliged not to add any content, trademark, graphic, or any copyright data in your products unless or until you get legal permission for this. Also, you must have the authority, warranty, right, and permission to place an order on our website to avoid any future issues.

User Content

CBB fully protects your data, personal and financial information. Still, you are fully responsible for the information you provide to us. We work according to the rules and regulations for legal proceedings. You must accept that any information you share upload or publicize on our website will not include any trademark or copyright content.

You are not allowed to use any user content for any kind of service. This is unlawful and causes harm to the privacy of others. We strictly prohibit abusive, harassing, offensive, or unlawful discussion or content. Please note that we have the authority to remove material that violates our privacy policy, terms, and conditions. To receive our products, you are liable to provide accurate information about yourself and your shipping address.

Our services are not to be used for illegal purposes or by robots. In such a case, strict judicial action will be taken against the fraud. To access all the features of our website, you must sign in or log in. For this purpose, we have the right to ask for basic information to proceed with account log-in. Never share your account credentials with anyone to avoid security issues at your end.

If any unauthorized or illegal person gets access to your account, only you should be responsible for this as we never share this with anyone. To take our services, you must agree to our terms and conditions thus we can use your information as described in our privacy policy.

Things to Keep in Mind

Difference in colors is a common thing when it comes to printing, there is always a change in colors when printing is performed on boxes. Do not rely on same colors on printed boxes as you see in images, images only show how your printed box will look like. Quality Assurance is a key process that we follow critically

You can find less boxes than your order since some boxes may be removed before packing due to low quality


CBB and all its staff, members, employees, suppliers, and other persons cannot be held responsible for any indirect damage or accident. Also, we are not answerable for any circumstances resulting from user’s unauthorized or inappropriate use of our website.

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